Digicast 3: The Jun Experience (Adventure 02 Part 1)

Buggy, Tom, Chris, and Maduin talk for far too long about things only mostly related to the boring half of Digimon.

Download (right-click, Save Link As) | Time: 2:19:20 | iTunes | Youtube Link

Buggy’s Twitter | Buggy’s YouTube
Tom’s Twitter | Tom’s YouTube | Tom’s Tumblr
Chris’s Twitter
Maduin’s Twitter | Maduin’s Tumblr

Check out Lost in Translationmon’s podcast for information on the Wonderswan games.


Author: DaLadybugMan

Andrew "Buggy" Koerner spends more time than is productive having opinions about anime. He maintains a healthy level of self-worth by balancing overbearing egotism with crippling self-loathing.

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