Third Seat by the Window Episode 1: Feeling Strawberry

The Bugcast returns as Third Seat by the Window, and Buggy and Chris kick things off with a bang as they’re joined by Chris (another Chris, not the same one) to discuss waifu culture.

Download (right click, save link as) | Time: 2:44:04 | iTunes YouTube Link

Social Media and Correspondence

Buggy’s Twitter | Buggy’s YouTube
Chris’s Twitter
If you want to help our guest Chris out with his research, please contact him at

A huge thank you to @amphituber, @Shadon1010, @Intrepid_Feline, and @TheSubtleDoctor for the correspondence! If you have any feedback on the show, please let us know at!

Other Resources

Chris’s Bibliography
A Love Letter to Mafuyu – Buggy’s personal experiences being in love with a fictional character
Anime Guilt – A piece by TheSubtleDoctor on the anime fandom’s tendency towards self-flagellation
A Discourse on and Defense of the ‘Waifu’ Movement – A frequently referenced anonymous piece
This infograph, which was referenced in the podcast explaining how multiple people can all have the same waifu


Music Used

“Ladybird Girl” by The Pillows
“Secret Sound” from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Author: DaLadybugMan

Andrew "Buggy" Koerner spends more time than is productive having opinions about anime. He maintains a healthy level of self-worth by balancing overbearing egotism with crippling self-loathing.

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