Spiral Radio Episode 2 – Death Note

“How did you get into anime?” This is a question anime fans love asking each other, and in this episode, Andrew “Buggy” Koerner shares his story of getting into anime through Death Note, as well as searching for why its once-insane popularity seems to have waned so drastically.

Download (right-click, save link as) | Time: 1:04:29 | iTunes

This podcast is made in association with Giga Drill Breakdown

Special Thanks

Lillie and André Eisenbeis
Kurt, AKA gyrozenAniList | Mundanime Podcast
Mari MintonTwitter | Otaple 1/2 | Tumblr
Lauren OrsiniTwitter | Otaku Journalist | Anime Origin Stories

Opening Dialogue: Josh DunhamTwitter | Wave Motion Cannon | Senpai Coast to Coast
Opening Narration: Chris “theraggedyman” Schultz
Cover art: Ashes


“No Helping It!” by Taku Iwasaki
“Kitai” (also known as “Anticipation”) by Hideki Taniuchi
“Light’s Theme” by Hideki Taniuchi
“L’s Theme” by Hideki Taniuchi
“Low of Solipsism” by Yoshihisa Hirano
“Kyrie” by Yoshihisa Hirano
“Sorairo Days” by Shoko Nakagawa


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