Third Seat by the Window Episode 1: Feeling Strawberry

The Bugcast returns as Third Seat by the Window, and Buggy and Chris kick things off with a bang as they’re joined by Chris (another Chris, not the same one) to discuss waifu culture. Continue reading “Third Seat by the Window Episode 1: Feeling Strawberry”

A Love Letter to Mafuyu

WARNING: this post will be NSFW. The writer has attempted to lean away from it as much as possible, but due to both the subject matter and the character featured, discussion of sexuality is unavoidable. It will contain links, images, and text related to sex. You will likely find it weird, awkward, and a little uncomfortable. Your opinions of the writer may be tarnished. If any of these things are things you don’t wish to see, please turn back now.

Falling in love is weird and painful. Falling in love with a fictional character is really weird and really painful. But there are few things as painful or as weird as falling in love with a character from animated pornography. Continue reading “A Love Letter to Mafuyu”