Third Seat by the Window Episode 7: Bushido is Bollocks

Buggy and Chris are joined by Niente de Nada to discuss samurai, samurai fiction, and why everything you know about Bushido is a lie.  Read More


Deathnet Noteflix

Having just watched the Netflix live-action Death Note movie (while consuming apples, potato chips, and a little bit of rum), Buggy and his friend Jonathan sit down to give their impressions on the film. Read More

Special 1 – The Bugcast Episode 0

It’s been one year since Buggy and Chris started podcasting, so to commemorate it, Buggy has finally edited that one episode he should have put out before anything else and released it now, in all its amateur, low-quality, awkward glory. If you’ve ever wondered how they’d answer the “5 of your favorite anime/3 anime you hate” question they ask all their guests, this is the podcast for you. Read More