MeganeToast Episode 3: Ping Pong the Animation

Hero kenzan! Hero kenzan! Hero kenzan! The hero appears, bringing you a new episode of MeganeToast straight from Planet Ping Pong! In this episode, Chris and Buggy break down one of their favorite anime: Ping Pong the Animation

Download (right click, save link as) | Time: 1:55:00 | YouTube link (coming soon)

Buggy: Twitter | YouTube
Chris: Twitter

Zen Buddhism and Enlightenment in Ping Pong the Animation” by jonman

Music Used
“Tada Hitori”- Bakudan Johnny
“Peco” – Kensuke Ushio
“The Hero Appears” – Kensuke Ushio

Author: DaLadybugMan

Andrew "Buggy" Koerner spends more time than is productive having opinions about anime. He maintains a healthy level of self-worth by balancing overbearing egotism with crippling self-loathing.

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